The leather we use for our products is partly colored by hand and in Nicaragua, where our products are made, there is no tradition of dyeing the leather completely and therefore the leather that we use in our products is not dyed completely through either. As a consequence, there might be a possibility that the colour may change and that excess colour may occur. To avoid most contagion, it is important to remember to impregnate the product and to wear similar colour clothing until the contagion no longer occurs. If the product becomes scratched or very worn, you will see the original color of the leather, which is the same color as seen on the edges of the products.

There may also be changes in the metal buckles over time.

Possible treatment options include using impregnation spray before using the product and following up on an ongoing basis. We recommend that you avoid the product being exposed to large amounts of moisture. If the product is wet, wipe off the excess liquid with a dry cloth and allow the product to dry.

In addition, leather is a natural material and small variations in the surface can therefore occur. Each product is unique and varies in texture. All leather becomes softer during use and takes shape after it. Heavy items or overfilling of leather products can have an effect on the product.